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Restore the paint on your car to a flawless standard

With a proven track-record of having won numerous show & shine contests, it’s safe to say that we understand what it takes to prepare car paintwork to a show-winning standard. Our paintwork correction services will take your car from conventionally clean to jaw-droppingly clean.

Customers may bring their vehicle to our car detailing garage in West London, or if they prefer, for an additional fee we can have one of our expert paintwork correction technicians come out to your place of residence to undertake the work.

Our paintwork correction services will take your car from conventionally clean to jaw-droppingly clean.

Our paintwork correction specialists are highly experienced and well trained in the art of restoring car bodywork and will leave your vehicle with a paintwork finish that is swirl-free, without factory ‘orange peel’ and that has a lasting ‘glassy’ feel which will disperse of water effortlessly when washing and bead beautifully when left standing in the rain.

Paintwork correction and detailing pricing guide

Minor paintwork enhancement

Hatchback’s: £125
Saloon’s: £150
MPV’s and 4×4’s: £175

Enhanced paintwork detail

Hatchback’s: £250
Saloon’s: £275
MPV’s and 4×4’s: £300

Full protection detail

Hatchback’s: £500
Saloon’s: £600
MPV’s and 4×4’s: £700

New car protection

Our new car protection service costs just £495 and will keep your paintwork looking showroom fresh for years.

Premium package - total bodywork correction

Full correction starts from £750, depending on age and general condition of the vehicle. Additional charge of £150 if Ceramic Coating is required.

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Detailing a 3-series BMW

Paintwork correction FAQ's

How long will it take to detail my car?

Typically a few hours is how long it will take to perform a minor or enhancement detail on a hatchback or saloon car. MPV’s and 4×4 vehicles can take longer. For more extensive levels of paint correction, a longer duration can be expected.

I've had my car detailed before. Is it safe to do it again?

We will always inspect the depth and quality of the existing paintwork on a vehicle before carrying out any work. We will let you know the density of the paintwork and then provide out best recommendations as to what the available options are. If the paint density isn’t deep enough, we will be transparent about the job in-hand and even refuse work if it’s in the best interests of your vehicle.

My friend tried his polishing mop on my car and burnt the paint on the car shut lines. Can you rectify this?

If this has happened, sadly the only way to rectify the issue is by having the affected panels painted by a paintwork specialist. Contact us to discuss your options – chances are, we will be able to have one of our bodyshop sister companies repaint the damaged paintwork at very competitive rates and then have your paintwork cut back and detailed for that grade A standard finish.

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Some examples of our expert detailing services

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Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have. We normally are able to reply back within a few hours.

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