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Specialists in VAG/VW engine swaps and turbo conversions

Through the years, we have performed countless engine swaps on various VW models and due to our numerous success stories, we are generally renown as specialists in VW engine conversions. We have proven ability in converting MK1 and MK2 Golfs to run on 1.8T BAM engines – both 180hp and 210hp variants.

We have also converted various VW models to run on the notoriously good VR6 engine that became iconic with the MK3 Golf.

We have proven ability in converting MK1 and MK2 Golfs to run on 1.8T BAM engines – both 180hp and 210hp variants.

If the engine swap in standard trim isn’t enough for your needs, we can increase power levels by way of an ECU remap to increase boost pressure levels, or carry out modifications to the engine for even higher increases. Typically, a remapped 1.8T BAM engine with a K04 turbo will make around 250hp to the wheels. Upgrades to the fuelling, intercooler and turbo will enable the motor to produce a safe 320hp to the wheels.

1.8T BAM swap dyno graph
1.8T BAM engine putting down good power on the dyno after a turbo upgrade

Engine conversion FAQ's

How much for a MK2 1.8T engine conversion?

A 1.8T engine conversion to a MK2 Golf starts from just £2995 inc VAT. This is exceptional value, when you consider that this includes the cost of a good used engine and the other necessary components to take your car between 150 – 180hp.

How long does an engine conversion take?

Assuming that the vehicle is in good shape and without any unforeseen issues (bent chassis from previous accident damage, or rounded off/damaged mounting bolts etc), we are usually able to complete most engine conversions within 3-4 weeks.

I've got the engine and ancillaries - can you fit it?

We are happy to work around our customers requirements and can do this. We would typically run through a list of the parts that the car will require and any shortfall in parts supplied by the customer would need to be supplied by ourselves and charged accordingly to the final bill.

However, for engine components not supplied by Style Dynamics, we require customers to sign a disclaimer to waive us of any responsibility in the event of engine failure after install.

Do you do engine swaps on other cars?

Absolutely. Although we are specialists in VW engine swaps, we have plenty of ability in-house to undertake any kind of engine transplant from different manufacturers. We have actually worked on B-Series Honda engine swaps in the past and have even worked on several D-Series turbo conversions too!

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Engine immobiliser delete and plug & play looms

For those of you having trouble getting the car to start after having completed most of the engine swap as a DIY attempt, we are able to help. It’s not uncommon for many DIY engine conversions to fail at the last hurdle due to an unruly immobiliser that won’t allow the car to start. We are able to defeat the immobiliser and get your car running so that you can get down to enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Wiring looms are another aspect of a DIY build that can bring many home-mechanics to a halt. Fear not – Style Dynamics can help! Let us know the model of your car, the engine and ECU that you are planning to run and we will have a plug & play wiring loom made for you so that you can easily complete your build. Prices of looms are bespoke to the application but as a typical guide price, a plug & play wiring loom for a MK1 Golf with a 20V 1.8T engine costs around £295.

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